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Since 1996, I have dedicated myself to helping Hawaii families with their family law problems. I chose to specialize in family law, because itís the area where I feel can make the biggest difference.


I have three essential attributes of a good family law attorney.  First, I genuinely care about helping people with their bona fide family law issues.


Second, I fully understand and believe that it is in my clients' best interest to settle their cases amicably and cooperatively.  Third, I know how to prepare for and handle litigation in the event a case cannot be resolved through settlement.  (Please refer to My Profile for more information about my background and experience).


I offer flat fee arrangements in uncontested cases, and hourly fee arrangements in contested cases.  My fees are typically much lower than many other family law attorneys, because I believe a client should be charged in the same manner that I would like to charged if I was in the client's shoes.


You may discuss your family law issues with me by arranging an office appointment.  I work flexible hours and can meet with you in the evening or on weekends.  My initial consultation is always free of charge.


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