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A Family Law Practice in Honolulu, Hawaii

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Kevin S. Adaniya

Attorney at Law

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(808) 528-2001

  I will do everything I can to settle your case without having to fight it out in court. But if we have to take your case to court, I will work with you on preparing and presenting your best case for the Judge.  
  I will do everything I can to settle your case without having to fight it out in court. But if we have to take your case to court, I will work with you on preparing and presenting your best case for the Judge.  

Client Reviews

I was totally nervous coming here at first for family court problem ! kevin made everything seem so comfortable at a tough situation even when I'm an emotional wreak that day he was passionate enough to help me through the hard times

Claryssa I. posted on Yelp on 12/28/15

I was skeptical after the initial custody hearing didn't go as well as I planned (I blame that on the judge). I went into the trial expecting the same but Kevin was absolutely on his game that day and I came out of court beyond happy. My ex hired an overpriced attorney from one of the better known firms and Kevin made her look like a rookie.

Tim J. posted on Yelp on 6/20/15

Kevin was an awesome and great attorney. Time was never wasted when prepping and reviewing for my case. Mr. Adaniyas game plan, approach and strategy to my case got me everything that I wanted. Time with my son that cant be replaced. The apposing lawyer tried to pull a few fast ones on us but Mr. Adaniya always has his A game on and didn't let him get away with anything. Mr. Adaniya made sure I had copies of everything and stamped copies of any paper work he had filed or that got filed in court. Hiring him was the best money I ever spent in my life and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Thanks to Mr. Adaniya I have a beautiful and growing relationship with my son and that to me is priceless. Thank you Mr. Adaniya for all your hard work, time and effort put forward in my case I will always be grateful for everything you have done for me and now my FAMILY.

Kings posted on Avvo on 10/23/14

If you are looking for a trustworthy, knowledgeable and professional attorney you will be very pleased with Kevin Adaniya. I was referred to him through a friend and this is by far the best attorney that I have ever had represent me. He was very responsive with updates regarding my case, sending me status emails. He was knowledgeable in the law pertaining to my case and very professional. He is well respected by the judge and very confident in the courtroom. What can I say, he was just amazing and well worth what nominal fee he charged. He actually sent me a refund after the case was finished, which I was surprised because honestly I felt like he was worth the whole amount!

A Child Custody Client posted on Avvo on 5/29/14

I am impressed with Kevin Adaniya. He is a fighter who is always in your corner. He quickly digests complex cases and has a firm understanding of the law. He clearly explains your options and let's you decide a course of action. The legal system is very intimidating, but Mr Adaniya's sincerity and integrity lowered my level of stress. I highly recommend his services.

Miki W. posted on Yelp on 5/28/14

Kevin's professional and business approach gave me peace of mind. We settled my case fast and he saved me more than 60%. I got what I wanted and he looked out for my best interest (my kids and my future). I called 3 lawyers before I met with Kevin and he explained to me the process (even though I did not know what i was getting into). I hired Kevin because I trusted him. I mean everybody has issues that are different and unique but Kevin's responsibility, experience and guidance made me feel good inside. I am not saying divorce is easy process but looking back on my experience I am glad Kevin helped me legally, financially and emotionally.

I went on the internet for answers and advice. Just met with Kevin face to face and decide for yourself, because sooner or later you will need a professional attorney who represents your situation and works out all the details.

Good luck!

Ivan, a Divorce Client, posted on Avvo in 3/13

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